Halo Infinite will launch in 4K @ 100fps on Xbox Series X | S

Closed testing of Halo Infinite multiplayer, which lasted for four days, came to an end and an article by blogger ElAnalistaDeBits appeared, in which the console versions of the game were compared.

Halo Infinite multiplayer on Xbox Series X consoles runs in 4K at 100-110 frames, although there were occasional drops to 90 frames per second. The budget Xbox Series S model pleases with 1080p resolution and 120 frames per second, with virtually no loss in quality.

On Xbox One, the shooter 343 Industries ran at 1080p at 30fps, while the Xbox One X handles 4K and 30fps. In the future, the developers plan to offer multiple performance modes, while on the latest platforms, fans will get faster loading times as well as improved textures and lighting (the Xbox One X version will also look better than the Xbox One version).

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