Happy Game from Amanity gets a new trailer and another free demo version

The Future Game Show event brought a pleasant Czech track in the form of the Happy Game title from the Amanita Design studio. The main author of the game is Jaromír Plachý, who from the position of designer and animator significantly signed the development of the point and click adventure Chuchel.

While Chuchel was able to attract children in addition to adult players, Happy Game certainly does not target the little ones with its horror psychedelic atmosphere.

The developers at the Future Game Show showed a new trailer and at the same time released an updated version of the demo, which you can find on Steam. You could have tried Happy Game in the form of a demo version in the past. However, the currently released demo should offer slightly different content and passages.

The authors also announced on Twitter that the release of the game will be delayed. Therefore, Happy Game will not target PC (Windows, Mac) and Nintendo Switch until this autumn.

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