Harley-Davidson retro e-bikes to go on sale later in the year


Serial 1, a brand dedicated by Harley-Davidson to promote electric bicycles, plans to launch a retro Mosh / Tribute model soon. It was shown last year alongside the more modern Mosh / Cty model, but, unlike it, has not yet reached buyers. More precisely, it has almost reached it - the acceptance of pre-orders is already open, and the manufacturer promises to start sales at the end of the year. Mosh / Tribute is priced at $ 5,999.

Basically, this is the same Mosh / Cty model, but with the styling characteristic of the first Harley-Davidson two-wheeled vehicle. The removable battery with a capacity of 529 Wh provides the vehicle with a range of up to 170 km. However, the mileage without recharging can be reduced to 55 km, because it is highly dependent on the driving style and the quality of the road surface. The bike is equipped with a Gates carbon belt drive, integrated lights and TRP hydraulic disc brakes. 650 copies of Mosh / Tribute are scheduled to be released.

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