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Has Wikipedia become richer?


If you are a regular visitor to Wikipedia, you may have seen an appeal appear on the site urging users to donate to keep the encyclopedia online. The financial offer gives the impression that the site is struggling to stay afloat, but the reality is quite different, as freelance journalist Andreas Kolbe explained in the Daily Dot last week.

Colby explains that the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), which owns Wikipedia, is actually richer than ever. Colby, the former co-editor of Wikipedia's local newspaper The Signpost, says the nonprofit's growing revenue and record-breaking annual donations are easily enough to keep the site running.

Rather than needing cash to keep Wikipedia online, Colby suggests that WMF wants to increase its massive savings and fund a range of new projects. At the same time, WMF launched a for-profit company, which alarmed the site's volunteer writers who work without pay while some WMF employees receive six-figure salaries.

Kolbe's analysis depicts an organization that can comfortably keep Wikipedia online without soliciting donations from users in countries hard hit by the pandemic.

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