Haval H6 new energy vehicle launched

Great Wall Motor announced today that the third-generation Haval H6 DHT-PHEV, the Haval H6 new energy model, was officially launched. The new car has a total of 3 configurations of 55km and 110km versions. The guide price after comprehensive subsidies is 159,800-173,800 yuan, which is nearly 10,000 yuan lower than the pre-sale.

The Haval H6 DHT-PHEV is equipped with a 1.5T high-thermal-efficiency four-cylinder hybrid special engine, which adopts the deep Miller cycle technology, with a maximum power of 113kW and a maximum torque of 233Nm. The system has a maximum power of 240kW and a maximum torque of 530Nm.

The electronically controlled supercharger of this model has been newly upgraded, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 5.6L. The pure electric range of NEDC is 55km and 110km, and the comprehensive range can reach 1,150 kilometers.

The new car has two driving modes, pure electric and hybrid, and 6 power modes (EV, series, power direct drive, economical direct drive, parallel connection, and power recovery). Set the remaining power, the setting range is 30-80%.

The new car adopts the exclusive color scheme of blue alum green new energy, which is very similar to the Supreme + model. It is equipped with a new front face of the vast stars, the front grille of the borderless nebula, and the LED through-type cloud bridge taillights. The body size is 4683*1886* 1730mm, wheelbase is 2738mm.

In addition, Haval H6 DHT-PHEV adopts a five-seat layout and has a trunk storage space with a maximum volume of 560L. The rear seats of the new car can be folded proportionally to expand the trunk to 1485L.

This car uses a 10.25-inch digital instrument and a 12.3-inch central control instrument screen, supports an optional HUD head-up display, and has a maximum projection size of 9 inches, which can display information such as navigation and ADAS intelligent driving;

In other respects, the new car is equipped with a V2L external discharge function as standard, and the 110km endurance version also provides a fast charging version; the new car is equipped with Mobileye eyeq4 chip, which realizes the L2-level intelligent assisted driving function, and has functions such as AEB automatic emergency braking and traffic sign recognition; The new car launched a free charging pile and basic installation service for the first non-operating car owner within one year (limited to 110km battery life model, 30m cable).

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