He Xiaopeng responded to his resignation as chairman of Xiaopeng Huitian

Recently, Guangdong Huitian Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. has undergone an industrial and commercial change, He Xiaopeng resigned from the chairmanship, Zhao Li resigned from the directorship, and Zhao Deli was changed from the director and general manager to Executive Director and Manager, in addition, the company's registered capital increased from US$250 million to US$320 million.

In this regard, He Xiaopeng responded to the news about "resigning as chairman of Xiaopeng Huitian" on his Weibo, He Xiaopeng said: "Xpeng Huitian is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group company HT Flying Car. I am in HT Flying Car. It is enough for the company to be the chairman, which can speed up the work efficiency. I will share the latest progress of flying cars with you on the 1024 Technology Day.”

On December 2, 2020, "HT Flying Car (Hong Kong) Limited" established Guangdong Huitian Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. as a shareholder with a registered capital of US$15 million. The legal person is Zhao Deli, He Xiaopeng is the chairman, Xia Heng is the director, and Wang Tan is the supervisor of the company.

In July this year, Xiaopeng Huitian's fifth-generation flying car, the Traveler X2, has been unveiled. It is reported that this aircraft adopts a carbon fiber structure, has an empty weight of 560 kg, can carry 2 passengers, and has a battery life of up to 35 minutes. The flight altitude is 1000 meters. Earlier this month, Xiaopeng Huitian said that the Traveler X2 will go to Dubai to carry out a compliance verification flight test. In October last year, Xiaopeng Huitian released the sixth-generation flying car concept model. According to official reports, this product will be mass-produced in 2024.

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