HELLA to achieve the world's first mass production of purely electronic brake-by-wire pedals

Auto parts supplier HELLA recently announced that it had received a large-scale R&D and mass production order for the world's first pure electronic brake pedal sensor.

Brake-by-wire technology differs from conventional braking systems because braking commands are transmitted electronically. The product is expected to start production in HELLA's European production network in 2025, initially for a German car manufacturer. The electronic brake pedal sensor was developed at HELLA's headquarters in Lippstadt, Germany.

A brake-by-wire pedal can simulate the experience and function of a traditional braking system, which is mechanically implemented through a linkage. The brake command control in the HELLA drive-by-wire solution is fully electronic, so it can also support automatic driving functions, and can also realize the customization of the braking function, which also means that the braking force can be adjusted according to various driving scenarios.

Also, because the electronic brake-by-wire pedals only use lightweight engineering plastics, the product is up to 20% lighter. This technology can help increase the range of electric vehicles and reduce the CO2 emissions of combustion engines or hybrid vehicles while maintaining high performance and functional safety. In addition, assembly costs and the number of components associated with assembly are reduced accordingly.

HELLA also promotes the development of the "cockpit of the future" with its new brake-by-wire technology, which eliminates a lot of bulky components. For example, brake levers have always been a problem in vehicle design. HELLA's brake-by-wire pedals completely solve this problem, creating entirely new possibilities for car interior design , making it more flexible.

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