Helpful Chrome Update for iPhone: Protecting Incognito Tabs, Screenshots of the Entire Webpage, and

Among the main innovations are the protection of "Incognito" tabs and the creation of screenshots of the entire web page. Chrome 92 for iPhone and iPad is now available in the App Store.

Users can now enable additional protection for incognito tabs with Touch ID fingerprint, Face ID, or passcode. Then, when you launch the Chrome app, the Incognito tabs will not be visible until the user verifies their identity. To turn on protection, go to Settings> Privacy> Block access to incognito tabs when I close Chrome.

To take a screenshot of an entire web page, you need to take a screenshot using the standard method, and then go to the editor and select the "Entire Page" tab at the top of the screen. Other changes include:

New recommendation design to make it easier to view content on the new tab page.

Confirmation prompt when closing all tabs in the tab switcher.

New design of the "Settings", "History" and "Bookmarks" pages.

In the tab switcher, you can now share individual tabs and add them to your bookmarks and reading list. A menu with these parameters is available by long pressing on the desired tab.

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