Here are some safe alternatives to Yahoo email


After being hacked recently, Yahoo email has become an unreliable and unsafe choice. The data of more than 3 billion users was leaked in one of these operations, so many left it and looked for more secure solutions. Some go directly to popular email services such as Gmail or Microsoft Mail. But what if you are looking for another more secure mail provider whose name is not associated with any of the giant companies?

That is why today we offer you a collection of the most secure email services alternative to Yahoo email. ProtonMail was founded in 2013 by a group of scientists in Switzerland, which is known for protecting privacy. And when it comes to logs, ProtonMail has a strict policy against it, so it doesn't keep any logs of any transaction or email sent through it.

The company uses end-to-end encryption to protect users, which is much better than Yahoo email offers. The service does not have an account application but instead relies on mobile applications as well as a web application. The service provides a free version with a capacity of 500MB only, and you can subscribe to get more storage capacity. Tutanota email service offers a host of features that make it preferred by many.

The service is characterized by providing a large cloud storage space, which is why it is preferred by those looking for large storage spaces. It comes with a set of applications for all operating systems, as well as an accessible web application. The service relies on three different ways to encrypt the email, in addition to removing any digital data recorded inside the mail, such as the IP address or the name of the sender and receiver. You can also use two-step authentication to access your account and data stored in email messages. Tutanota offers a free plan with up to 1 GB of storage space.

The rest of the paid plans come at a lower price compared to the other safe options. Because of these different features, we recommend using Tutanota as a free and easy alternative to Yahoo Mail. Zoho Mail is targeted specifically at businesses, which is why it is one of the best email services for businesses and business people. The company offers a set of integrated services to improve and secure the user experience, including a password management tool.

Zoho Mail comes as a more secure alternative to Yahoo especially for businesses, and you can use it through mobile apps or the web app. The company provides a free version of the service, but you will not be able to use the mobile applications.

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