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Here are the best Google Drive applications

Google Drive outperforms all cloud storage platforms in its ability to organize teamwork, and it works to integrate work teams together in a clear way that makes their work easier for everyone.

That is why many companies decided to work via Google Drive, especially in sharing files and sending them between the different departments, and despite the excellence of Google Drive in teamwork, you can improve it and add other features to it that facilitate teamwork through it, and this is through the applications that can be installed in Google Drive.

UberConference app:

Google Drive makes it easy to work on documents and send comments via these documents as a kind of alert or text chat within them through the comment feature, but the UberConference app works to increase this collaboration by allowing voice comments to be left.

This makes you engage in an audio conversation on the Google document that you are working on, and of course, this method is a lot better for leaving modifications on the document, and you can preserve these voice comments by storing them on the platform.

PandaDoc app:

This application allows you to sign documents via Google Drive completely digitally, and all you need to do is save your digital signatures within the platform.

And after you save and register your digital signature inside the platform, you can place this signature on various documents with one click.

Maps for Docs:

Google Maps is one of the best maps and navigation applications across all platforms, and so many people rely on it to send their various business addresses.

This application allows you to attach a Google map of the places you want via Google documents, and this application is useful for clarifying the place of work in official correspondence or making reports with clear places for points of sale and previews.

DriveTunes app:

This application allows you to add music files directly to Google Drive documents, and this is useful if you are doing tests through the platform or making business presentations, and this is because using music with the document changes the customer’s idea of ​​you and makes him want to work with you.

Mail2Drive app:

Through this application, you can convert any email that you receive to a Google Drive document and be stored on the platform, and this method is useful in the event that employment contracts are received via e-mail or some important instructions for your business.

The email is converted to a Google document with one click, and then the email is linked to the application.

Easybib app:

This application allows you to easily quote various sources by searching them directly from within the application without going to Google.

You can also add sources and refer to them directly next to the quote quickly, and this protects you from getting into the problems of intellectual theft.

MindMeister app:

This application allows you to convert any Google Drive document you own into a mind map directly, by converting the content of the document into a set of simple points and combining them into one list.

These points appear in their correct order as if they were written in dots from the start.


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