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Here are the hottest and coldest regions of our planet


Meteorologists from the University of California have identified the most temperature extremes on Earth.

The sun heats the surface of the Earth more than anywhere else in the Desierto de Sonora Desert, which borders the United States and Mexico, and in the Deshte Lut Desert in eastern Iran, which occupies the central part of the Iranian Highlands.

Orbital Spectrophotometers provided equal values ​​of 80.8 ° C above zero where you can fry eggs. This is 10.1 points higher than the 2005 record.

With regard to the coldest region on Earth's surface, it is of course the Antarctic continent, with a temperature of minus 110.9 degrees Celsius. The surface of Mars is warmer than that.

The researchers also pointed to places with the broadest daily temperature range (DTR), that is, those where the temperature changes the most during the day. It is the desert of China, where the temperature fluctuates in the range of 81.8 degrees Celsius.

In August 2015, residents who took to the streets of Iranian cities felt as if the temperature was 74 degrees above zero. According to the US National Weather Service, the so-called "heat index" has reached this high level. With the aforementioned indicator, a person can sense heat under certain humidity conditions and with a certain wind force.

The temperature in the shade at that time in the town of Bandar Mahshahr, located on the shore of the Arabian Gulf, was only 46 degrees. But the humidity of 90% added another 28 degrees to the feeling.

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