Here's what Apple employees are forbidden to do at work?

Last month it was reported that Apple employees conducted internal surveys about a return to offices, the hybrid work model, and equal pay, with a report by The Verge saying that Apple is preventing employees from taking some internal surveys.

The report says the main issue is surveys of pay equity within the company, where Apple employees conducted a survey in which it asked employees to volunteer salary information as well as how they are determined in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, and disability.

However, Apple's human resources team asked employees to remove the survey because some of the questions did not meet the criteria, and the report says that last week Apple conducted another equal pay survey where it had a question about gender, and employees then removed the question related to By gender, but Apple's HR team shut it down because it was "hosted on the company's corporate account.

According to the report, Apple told employees that surveys will be blocked in all cases if they are used to collect data, and “Surveys are not permitted as a means to collect identifiable employee data without following the usual process of obtaining this data from the people team, and this includes any questions about Employee's address, demographics, etc., except for country or region plural, which is allowed, Apple's People team told employees.

Apart from this, any internal surveys that collect health information - including vaccination status - have been blocked by Apple, and in addition, any survey requesting diversity data has also been placed in a gray area, with Apple telling employees that if they need information For diversity data, they should contact the relevant teams before collecting it.


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