Here's what you need to know about the Guardians app from Truecaller


The application allows you to follow the locations of your loved ones continuously and directly, in addition to receiving danger signals from them and alerts of problems around them. You can download the application for free via Google Play or the Apple App Store, where the application is available for all phones and works with them efficiently.

After that, you need to create an account in the application where you need to register your phone number and some basic data such as gender, age, and a personal photo. The application also asks you for a set of different permissions that you need to give to it at the beginning of your use of the application.

The app needs these permissions so that it can continuously monitor your location and phone status and send alerts to the contacts you choose. So the app asks you to allow it to continuously track your location via the GPS sensor and access your phone's stored contacts and phone status.

After that, you need to choose a contact to receive alerts and be able to follow you, by pressing Send invitation on the main screen.

When the invitation reaches your chosen contact, they have the option to accept or decline the invitation, and if they accept it, all your data is available to them. And you can send location alerts continuously by clicking on the Watch me option or selecting the emergency that sends a direct alert to it.

Those who monitor you can keep track of the last place you appeared as well as your current location, in addition to the status of the phone's charging and network reception.

Truecaller seems determined to hack its users' privacy and keeps track of them, always finding creative ways to access your phone data.

It is no secret to one of the concerns that the company raises too many users because of the Truecaller application itself. This is because Truecaller sends alerts to users before the call reaches them over the network, and it also takes a copy of the contacts.

Guardians could cause more problems for the company, even though it claims that it neither shares nor logs the data it receives. But this application can protect and rescue users in difficult situations, especially if they are elderly or children.

Therefore, you find that the Guardians app is very popular in India and Arab countries in particular, where the app has reached more than 5 million users.

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