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Hidden cameras will appear clearly in phones this year


The famous blogger Ice Universe announced that the technology of the front cameras hidden under the screen will appear widely in smartphones that will be launched this year.

According to expectations, a number of well-known companies in the production of smart devices such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, ZTE, and Meizu are supposed to launch smartphones equipped with the aforementioned type of cameras in the second half of this year, and Samsung and Oppo devices that have this feature will be They are foldable phones, as for Xiaomi, it is expected to launch the Mi Mix 4 with a selfie camera hidden under the screen.

To obtain the technology mentioned in smartphones, screen manufacturers use a mixture of organic and inorganic materials in the small area of ​​the screen, which is located below the camera's optical sensor, which makes this area transparent to the camera, but at the same time the camera will not be visible below it relative to the user's eye.

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