Hidden documents about the harmful effect of Instagram on mental health


Press reports have published a number of confidential documents, which expose Facebook's knowledge that its social networking sites have dangerous effects on mental health, and did not move a finger on this matter.

The report, published on the "Times-News Now" website, indicated that although the negative effects of social networking sites on mental health have been the subject of controversy over the past decade, Facebook had much secret evidence about this matter.

The report pointed out that secret documents within "Facebook" proved the effects of those sites on mental health, but failed in their ethical obligations to deal with the matter.

The documents show that Mark Zuckerberg himself had documents about the harmful effect of "Instagram" on younger groups, but he refused to disclose those studies.

The report cited Facebook studies conducted over the past three years showing that teenage girls are more vulnerable to harm, but Zuckerberg ordered those studies not be shown to the public.

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