Hitman 3 will receive support for the next year

In less than two months, specifically on January 20, 2022, it will be exactly the year Hitman 3 came out. So far, and also for some time, the last part of a well-known series about a hitman. Although now independent developers from IO Interactive want to take a break from this series, they take very good care of their latest game.

During this year, a number of updates were released, which added not only new mechanics, but a lot of Escalation contracts, Elusive Targets, new challenges, items, and the like. Whether completely free of charge or, in the case of Seven Deadly Sins, paid.

But 2021 is slowly coming to an end, and the developers have now announced that we can look forward to year-round support next year as well. In addition, it will bring a number of long-awaited news. And no wonder. The entire World of Assassination trilogy (Hitman of 2016, Hitman 2 of 2018, and Hitman 3 of this year) seems to have exceeded a respectable 50 million players, and Hitman 3 is set to be the most successful title in the series, which celebrated its 20th-anniversary last year.

Ray tracing for PC and virtual reality

One of the main news for next year is finally the arrival of the promised ray tracing. It seems that at least so far only PC owners will receive support, and it is not yet clear to what extent the support will work. Ray-traced reflections can be expected, but we'll see if global illumination and shadows occur.

Owners of PCVR headsets will be pleased that we will finally see support for virtual reality for computers as well. PlayStation owners could enjoy it all year round and play the entire World of Assassination trilogy in VR mode. Now the owners of PC versions will also see it and of course, there will be support for motion controllers and the like.

We still have to wait for specific details, but they should be revealed soon.

Elusive target arcade

Another significant change is a brand new game mode called Elusive Target Arcade. Unfortunately, there isn't much detail about it either, but it should be a mode that throws us into the " ultimate Elusive Target challenge changing the established rules of this popular mode ." The good news is that all content for this mode should be permanent. Unlike the classic Elusive Targets.

Further details are to come early next year, probably shortly before the start of "Year 2".

Another new content and a new map?

Of course, the whole of Year 2 will include classically new content as we know it. So new Elusive Targets, Escalation Contracts, new equipment, challenges, and the like. But it seems that the developer has prepared a surprise in the form of a completely new map/location, which few expected.

But as usual, we will have to wait a while for the details. But it should come during the spring.

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