Honda CR-V 2022: The sixth-generation gets underway


The fifth generation of the Honda CR-V was presented at the end of 2016 and was renewed about three years later, so it is about time that the new delivery began to be glimpsed on the horizon, and it has happened. We say this because our spies have managed to obtain new images of the sixth generation, in addition to those obtained a few months ago from a secret facility somewhere on our continent.

Will grow in size

At that time it was the first time that our agents captured this vehicle, so it was not surprising that the prototype was covered by a dense camouflage that tried to keep all the keys to the design of this new installment secret. Our spies had to use a long-range objective, but now it has not been necessary and that allows us to appreciate in greater detail the changes that the Japanese brand will introduce in one of its most popular models.

With the arrival of the new photographs, one thing is clear to us and that is that the Japanese SUV has increased in size, something that we could already perceive previously. In addition, its overhangs are still quite generous and, in general, its aesthetic appears to be cleaner with sharp lines and the hood, longer and flatter than before.

The front end reveals a slightly larger grille with a new pattern and is flanked by sleek LED headlights that appear to be split, although perhaps they are in one piece and just a camouflage effect. The rearview mirrors are now positioned lower, presumably to improve the car's aerodynamics, while a styling line runs across the entire side, from the headlights to the taillights. Already behind, we don't know if this costume is hiding a portion of the taillights, or if Honda has decided to dispense with the usual upright unit design.

One of the images allows us to take a look inside the cabin, where a dashboard that has a floating screen on top stands out, instead of the current design with the integrated display. It will be interesting to see if the growth of the car results in increased habitability and thus the third row of seats so that the CR-V can accommodate up to seven passengers.

Will there be an electric version?

Depending on the market, the current Honda CR-V is already offered with hybrid powertrains, either conventional or plug-in, so the sixth generation will continue to bet on electrification. It is too early to confirm the arrival of a 100% electric version, but if this possibility is true, its arrival would take place a few months after its presentation. Given that the prototype still sports the dense camouflage we referenced, the latter will likely not take place until 2022.

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