Honda to start installing Android on on-board computers in cars starting next year

Honda Motor has partnered with Google to begin installing Android on the onboard computers of major car models sold around the world next year. Users will be able to navigate and play music records, voice control, and other features all without using a smartphone.

Google's Android Automotive system, introduced in 2015, has the same basic design as the Android operating system for smartphones. Volvo Cars tried it first (the illustration shows a Volvo car), followed by other automakers, including General Motors. Nissan Motor was the first among Japanese companies. Honda will be second.

Honda has a history of using Android Auto, a technology that makes it easier to use Android smartphones in cars. But Android Auto relies on a smartphone for navigation and other features. In the case of Android Automotive, a smartphone is not needed. Google Voice Control can be used to control air conditioning and other functions that are not directly related to driving and are therefore safe.

The operating system will also be installed on electric vehicles. It will allow you to find compatible charging stations, get directions to them, and optimize the battery temperature by the time you arrive to charge to reduce the time required to charge.

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