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Honor of Kings: 120fps ultra-high frame rate mode is about to land on the Apple iPhone

The Honor of Kings confirmed in the "Bug Repair Progress" shared that it will open a very high frame rate mode for some Apple iOS models, and the detailed information will be announced later.

At present, "Honor of Kings" has the so-called 90fps "ultra-high frame rate" and 120fps "extremely high frame rate" modes. At present, Apple's iPhone 13 Pro series and iPhone 14 Pro series mobile phones have a refresh rate of 120Hz, which meets the requirements of the 120fps "extremely high frame rate" mode in hardware. It is expected that the 120fps "extreme frame rate" mode will land on Apple's iPhone in the new season.

The new season of "Honor of Kings" S29 is about to start. The official said that the new season's confrontation road transmission is optimized, and the transmission support is used skillfully to participate in key team battles in a timely manner; the environment in the wild area is optimized, the income of the jungle is increased, and you can experience low-voltage and efficient games.

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