House of Ashes - E3 interview

The program of various conferences for this year's digital version of E3 was closed by Bandai Namco, which offered us another look at the upcoming horror film House of Ashes, which will be released as part of The Dark Pictures Anthology series, from which you could play Man of Medan and Little Hope.

In a new interview (in preview), executive producer Dan McDonald was interviewed, who offered several other insights into the game itself, such as the 2003 deployment to Iraq, where soldiers discover a temple with an unpleasant surprise in the form of monsters.

The narration itself will then have interfaces with the story of the Akkadian Empire, respectively with its fourth king, whose name is Naram-Sin, who was to offend the god Enlil, thanks to which his empire was cursed and punished.

Players can then look forward to a large number of snares, and the heroes can die in about 60 unique ways that do not lack a large amount of blood. And since most of the game is set underground, your flashlight will become your faithful helper, illuminating the otherwise black and dark darkness.

Players can then look forward to different difficulty settings, so if you want a slightly more undemanding experience, it won't be a problem.

The game's release is set for October 22 this year, for PC, PlayStation 4, 5 PlayStation, Xbox, and Xbox One Series X / S.

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