How do technical experts in technology provide technical capabilities to users?

A new survey from Gartner Inc. revealed that half of business technology professionals offer multiple capabilities to users outside their departments or organizations. They are primarily responsible for building analytics capabilities (36%), but they are also involved in building digital commerce and AI platforms, as well as robotic process automation and more.

Gartner defines business technology experts as employees who report outside of IT departments, and who provide technical or analytics capabilities that can be used internally or externally to carry out business.

Raf Gilders, Vice President of Research at Gartner said, using technology to do business, which was once the domain of IT departments, is now open to everyone.

The best companies are competing within the digital economy to harness the expertise and creativity of all their employees, and CIOs are working in cooperation with the rest of their peers to implement this. Technical experts in business technology find and provide more value through their use of information technology.

The significant increase in opportunities for digital transformation as well as the ease of getting started with technology (eg availability of simple code development tools and AI-assisted development) are among the key factors that promote the popularization of technology development capabilities beyond technical experts to specialized technical staff. 77% of IT professionals routinely use a combination of automation, integration, application development, or data science and AI tools in their daily work.

Compared to establishing independent technical or analytical capabilities, 4 out of 5 respondents reported finding value in using IT, rather than going beyond it, citing increases in innovation, security, and speed when doing so. Also, 76% of technical experts in business technology assume that they take responsibility for risks in their organizations, or believe that their responsibility is to ensure that their work is protected, that they comply with regulations, and do not negatively affect others.

A Gartner survey shows that organizations that enable technical experts in business technology to operate successfully can accelerate their digital business results by more than 2.6 times.

Gilders said, business technology professionals are expanding the strategic reach of CIOs, as the information technology used helps equip and empower employees across the organization to build digital capabilities that help them earn or save money. Taking full advantage of this resource base, which provides a great opportunity for IT executives to collaborate with other business leaders within the enterprise sector.

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