How do you change your username on social media?

Some social media users seek to change their names in accounts for reasons that may be related to something more related to the brand and business, and unfortunately, some platforms do not allow you to change private usernames such as Snapchat, which only allows changing your display name and the only way to get A new username is starting a new account, and the same goes for Reddit, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Here's how to change your username across the most popular social media platforms.


Go to Settings & Privacy in the top-right drop-down menu and then go to Settings. Your username, as well as your actual name, are in the public section. Your username is supposed to include your real name, along with some numbers or letters to distinguish you from others who may have the same nickname. To change it click the blue "Edit" text on the far right.


Twitter handles are more prevalent on the site than real names, and there is some heated competition to claim those of certain brands. You can find the option in your settings under 'Account'. The specific setting is under "Login and Security".

Once you have entered your new username, and if it is available the change should be quick. To register if you want to change your display name, you will have to use the 'Edit Profile' option.


Admittedly, it's very easy to have multiple Instagrams, and I'd recommend it to just about anyone to change their username, just because the app makes it relatively easy to match multiple accounts. However, if you really want a new username, go to your profile and select "Edit Profile".

Here it will give you an option to change your username, it will also remind you that you can go back to the old one within 14 days if the change does not persist, if the name is used you will know when you hit done.


Unlike other platforms, you won't be able to change your name on YouTube within the site itself - you'll have to change the name on your Google Account. To do this, go to YouTube settings and look for the option "View or change your Google account settings."

From there, you will be taken to your Google profile, look for the option in the upper right that says "Personal Information", these options include your name, date of birth, etc. You can also give yourself an alias here if you choose, note that Your profile URL is fixed and cannot be changed.


Everyone's favorite bookmarking site, as usual, to change your name on Pinterest, go to Settings and then to Edit Profile. Here you can change your display name as well as your username.


Things work a little differently on LinkedIn. You'll have the standard display name (your real name, I hope, given which site it is), but not a username as you might conventionally understand, instead have a custom profile URL that includes a given name.

To change this go to your profile and select the option on the right for 'Edit public profile and URL'. Once you do that, on the top right will be the option to 'Edit Custom URL', just choose any name you like and change it accordingly.


Runaway success on social media TikTok keeps things relatively simple when it comes to your username, to find it, go to your settings and look for the "username" setting, select that and change it.

If the username is available, a green checkmark will appear next to your name, changing your username also changes your TikTok URL.

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