How do you hide likes on your Instagram posts?


Instagram and Facebook have been testing the feature to hide comments and likes even accounts for years, and now social networks are ready to offer the feature to everyone, and the company announced that every Instagram and Facebook user will be able to hide their similar accounts from the public. The feature is rolling out to Instagram first, with similar functionality launching on Facebook in the coming weeks.

On Instagram, you can choose to hide likes for your individual posts or for all posts - both yours and those of people you follow.

And to hide likes on an individual post, you can simply click on the three-dot menu button next to the photo and select the new Hide Like option from the menu.

If you want to proactively hide likes before a particular post, you can find the option under the Advanced Settings button that appears on the last page before a post is published.

And if you want to avoid seeing likes on any posts in your feed, you can find the option by going to the new Posts section of settings. You may also see a prompt when you open Instagram soon if you'd like to activate the feature right away.

Instagram says that during its testing period, it discovered that hiding likes “was helpful for some and annoying for others.

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