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How do you invite others to call you on Google Duo with a link?


The duo is a video chatting app from Google, and as with almost all video chatting applications, it has gained much more use during social distancing operations imposed by the epidemic than it was before, as a feature allows users to invite friends to a call using Link according to TheNextWeb.

If you are wondering what is the difference between Google Duo and Google Meet:

Unlike Meet (or Hangouts, for that matter), which is designed to accommodate multiple people, Google Duo is a lot like an in-person call like FaceTime to Meet's Zoom.

Before now, you were inviting other users to a Duo call by entering their phone number or email address, but Google revealed earlier that it was working on a way to invite users to join a call using a link, as is the case with Meet, and it seems that Google has done By subtracting this ability to anyone who has the current version of the mobile application, however, the service will only work if the person receiving it has a Google account.

To access the link, you need to click on Create a Group on the iOS or Android versions of the app (it is only available on mobile at this time).

Once you create the group and invite at least one other person, you should see the invite link right in front of you.

Once sent to the person concerned and opened, the app will automatically launch on their device and drop them into the call.


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