How does Apple calibrate the iPhone 11 battery when upgrading to iOS 14.5?


One of the prominent updates in the release of the operating system (iOS 14.5) iOS 14.5 from Apple, is a new feature called (Recalibration of the Battery Health Report), available for iPhone 11 users. - At the moment - it allows the operating system an updated, more accurate reading of the phone's maximum battery capacity and maximum performance capacity and can fix unexpected battery drain, and in rare cases, this may lead to a free battery replacement.

How does this feature work?

If you work with (iPhone 11) iPhone 11, or (iPhone 11 Pro) iPhone 11 Pro, or (iPhone 11 Pro Max) iPhone 11 Pro Max, and you have upgraded to the operating system version (iOS 14.5) iOS 14.5, when you check Battery Status You will see a new notification saying:

The battery status reporting system recalibrates the maximum capacity and maximum performance capacity, this process may take a few weeks.

This message will be installed for several weeks which is not a cause for concern, the reason is that the automatic battery recalibration process may take up to a few weeks to complete, as the recalibration of maximum capacity and maximum performance will occur over time with normal charging cycles, and you will know that the process is completed successfully when the alert above the (Battery Health) section disappears

After completing the process, you will either get the updated capacity limit and any warnings that may come from it, or you will get a slightly annoying message that says, Battery status reporting system recalibration did not work. An Apple Authorized Service Provider can replace the battery for free to restore performance and capacity.

When this message appears, according to Apple, this does not mean that your iPhone will explode or anything else, instead, you may be able to get a free battery replacement if your phone is still covered by its usual warranty or AppleCare + service, so you should contact Apple Support to find out your options.

Additionally, Apple states, you may also contact Apple Support if you have previously paid for out-of-warranty battery service for your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max after seeing the battery health degradation message or experiencing unexpected battery behavior.

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