How is Windows 11 received by PCGH readers?

The first week with Windows 11 is coming to an end at least for the brave ones who have initiated a manual installation. How did the update and installation go? Were there any problems with TPM and Co.? We want your opinion.

Windows 11 has officially been launched on German PCs on October 5th, 2021 - but theoretically, the update would have been available on October 4th. install, as long as the (theoretical) TPM restrictions do not thwart your plans. What is the conclusion after a week?

Windows 11: how was the start?

PCGH has not only accompanied the issue of Windows 11 extensively this week. We presented the potentially negative effects of VBS and HVCI under Windows 11, talked about the Ryzen performance problems under Windows 11 confirmed by AMD, and also showed how Microsoft itself now has a Win 11 registry trick for "older" CPUs like Ryzen 1000 has released. For the restart of an operating system, things went quite well for Microsoft overall, even if there are no figures yet on how many Germans have swapped their Windows 10 for a Windows 11 update and started the installation.

Windows 11 is also being discussed eagerly in the PCGH Extreme forum, especially the significantly changed user interface. In a short survey at the end of the first Win 11 week, we want to know how the new Microsoft OS is rated on one's own PC. Has the Win 11 update already been installed? Do TPM, VBS, or HVCI cause problems or not? What is the first impression like: positive, negative, or neutral? Has the installation already been carried out or should it still be carried out in 2021? Are there PCGH users who have not yet had Windows 11 on their radar - or those who, if possible, never want to have anything to do with it (or if so, then only at the end of support for Windows 10 in 2025)? As always, we would be delighted if you took part in our survey.

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