How much will NASA pay private companies to build its new space station?

NASA is preparing to stop using the International Space Station by the end of the decade, and therefore the US space agency is looking for private companies to replace it and hopes to award contracts worth $ 400 million to do so, and Phil McAllister, director of commercial space flights at NASA, said that The agency has received nearly a dozen proposals 'to replace the International Space Station, which was launched into orbit in November 1998.

McAllister said, we have received an incredibly strong response from the industry to our announcement of proposals for commercial versions that go directly to orbit.

Earlier this year, NASA unveiled an LEO (Low Earth Orbit) commercial destinations project to help private companies build their own space station.

McAllister did not name the companies working on the proposals, but some space exploration companies have already expressed a public interest in building a private space station. CNBC noted that more than 50 companies were interested in the Commercial LEO Destinations project when it was announced, including SpaceX, Boeing, and Blue Origin.

Collins Aerospace in Charlotte, North Carolina, said it was building a life support system for a private space station, though it declined to reveal the mysterious buyer. Axiom Space, the private space tourism company that operates flights to the International Space Station with SpaceX, also discussed building the world's first private space station on its website, adding that construction is underway.


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