How the Surface Duo affected Microsoft?


Microsoft's bet on the Surface Duo was big. We are talking about a foldable device that comes with two separate screens. But at the same time, it folds with traditional hinges and its screens come with large bezels. A strange mix of specifications has appeared in this phone. This combination has made the expected fate of the phone either a big success or a fiasco given its $1,400 price tag. But what really happened?

The phone was launched in September of 2020 at this exorbitant price. But only two months after its launch, users noticed that the phone can be purchased at a price of 1,200 USD. That is, it achieved a decrease of $200 in two months.

And later, in May of the current year 2021. The price of this different phone came to only $699. And now, in the month of July this phone is sold only at a price of 549 USD! Same price as a regular phone. The drop in the price of the phone was significant, and it affected the owners of the phone, especially the category that treats its products as an investment.

Microsoft in the field of smartphones

There are many reasons why the price of the Service Du phone may be so low. But the most important of all is that users ignore it and don't care about it in the first place. Either in terms of its idea or in terms of its specifications. This in itself is bad news for Microsoft, especially since this phone was its return to the smartphone market with the Android system.

And Microsoft is now in a difficult position. The company that returned to selling Android phones after years of hiatus has clearly failed. This is based on the aforementioned price factor, and another factor, which is the extent of the spread of the phone, whether in our communities actually or even within the content on the Internet of all kinds.

It is reported that in 2010 Microsoft officially unveiled the Windows Phone system. The same year that Android was prevalent, as well as iPhone phones, were of interest, along with, of course, other phones from many companies, most notably Nokia, which had its own Symbian OS. At the time, Microsoft wanted a strong entrance to this market, so it acquired Nokia's smartphone segment for $6.6 billion.

Although Microsoft's entry into the smartphone market is a bet. The company then lost it. Just two years after completing the acquisition of Nokia's smartphone business, Microsoft reached a dead end. It shut down the Windows Phone system, laid off 20,000 employees, and made huge financial losses.

The company did not succeed at that time in competing with Google and Apple, and the users themselves never preferred Microsoft phones over competitors, despite the fact that Microsoft phones had achieved excellent ratings, and actually provided an acceptable use experience, and it is not hidden from anyone, the most important reasons for the failure of the system is the scarcity of good applications The developers' lack of interest in the system, and their interest instead in Android and iOS.

Reasons why Surface Duo won't work

We travel in time again and return to the current era, the era of the Surface Duo, here Microsoft abandoned the idea of ​​competing [,[g] and Apple again, and instead launched its phone with the Android system with Google applications pre-installed, and its application as well, the most important of which are office applications, including the application Integrated Office.

And we see that Microsoft is really acting strangely, users did not accept Windows Phone, and they accepted Android very, and here Microsoft did the right thing and launched its phone with Android, but it launched a completely new category and form of smartphones! Another bet that appears to have been lost.

It is true that the phone has come with hinges that can rotate 360 ​​degrees, but it did not come as a foldable phone actually like the Galaxy Fold, and that its screens were huge edges, as well as its internal specifications were not pioneering in any way to sell at a price of 1,400 USD! Knowing that the device comes with a single camera despite all these empty spaces in his body! When the phone is folded, it is simply what looks like a closed is useless!

According to Gartner Analyst, Mikako Kitagawa, this product is a great example of a product that is designed and produced without standard user behavior in mind! Users are really not looking for a device that combines a tablet and a smartphone in this way.

It is expected that the Surface Duo 2 is currently under development, and anyone interested in technology wishes that Microsoft is a key player in any technical sector. We hope that Microsoft will avoid all the mistakes that occurred in the previous generation, and we also hope that it will diversify its options!

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