How to add a professional signature in Gmail?


If you want to regularly send email correspondence as part of your job or your title, then adding a professional signature to your Gmail account may be a useful tool. The main information included in the signature should be your name, job title, company, and phone number but could also add your company's website or address. We will guide you to add a professional signature to your Gmail account

  • Open your Gmail account and click on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner

  • Click on 'See all settings' and then 'Signature'

  • Select 'Create new' and insert a name

  • Create your own custom signature using the Gmail signature editor. You can add up to 10,000 characters

  • To have your signature automatically added to your emails click on 'Signature defaults' below the editor

  • When you're finished click on 'Save changes'

Using multiple signatures

If you wish to use several different signatures, depending on who you're contacting, you can do so easily. You can configure your account so that a default signature is used for all new emails, but can also select a different one for each email you write.

To change your signature when writing an email, simply click ' Insert signature ' at the bottom of the window.

Editing signatures

  • Open your Gmail account

  • Click on 'Settings' in the top right and select 'See all settings'

  • Click 'General' and move down to 'Signature' and choose the one you want to change

  • Make changes in the text box and click 'Edit' to rename

  • When finished, click 'Save Changes'

Removing signatures

  • Open your Gmail account

  • Click 'Settings' at the top right

  • Select 'General' and then 'Signature'

  • Click the signature you wish to remove and click 'Delete'

  • When finished, click 'Save Changes' at the bottom

Using different signatures for the 'Send mail as' feature on Gmail

If you send emails from different addresses using the ' Send Mail as ' feature, you can also use different signatures for each account you have.

You can select an address to assign a signature to by clicking the drop-down menu above the signature text box when on the Settings page.


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