How to avoid sharing accurate location with apps and services on iPhone?

With iOS 14, Apple has added a bunch of new features related to security and privacy to the iPhone, and among many others, one feature that was not really noticed is the ability to share and turn off the precise location of apps and services.

The new precise location switch gives users more control over what location details they want to share with a particular app.

For example, the Weather app only needs area details to display weather information, but a navigation app like Apple Maps or Google Maps needs full access to location data. However, iOS 14 gives users the option to turn off the exact location of certain apps. Here's how:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone

  • Head to Privacy and click on Location Services

  • Find and tap the apps you want to turn off Precise Location

  • Now, turn off the exact location switch

Note that all apps migrated from the previous version of iOS to iOS 14, will have full access to the location service by default, and you'll need to turn off the exact locations of each one manually.

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