How to change the username on the Snapchat application?


Someone may want to change his username on Snapchat, and on the number, it is easy to change the name that is displayed in the profile, but it is not easy for the "user name", as it is in Snap Chat, you have two different names. The first is your username, which is the static name associated with your account, and then you also have the Display Name, which is the name that other people see in front of your account.

How to change the Display Name on Snapchat?

  • Changing the display name is actually very easy.

  • Click on the cogwheel in my profile to open the settings.

  • Then click on the name under the My Account section.

  • Enter your new display name and choose Save.

But people who added you first will still see the display name you originally chose, but new friends will see your updated display name, and don't forget that if someone adds you to their phone contacts, they may see the name saved instead.

How to change a username or username on Snapchat?

Your username is the original name associated with your account, and you will have chosen it when you first create your Snapchat account. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your Snapchat username, and it may sound strange, but Snapchat says this is for security reasons.

Worse, account data, Memories, or Snapstreaks cannot be transferred from one username to another, which means that if you want a new username, you will have to start over with a new account.

Of course, this is possible and you can re-add all your old friends, but there is no way to change your actual username, also it should be noted that if an account is permanently deleted or locked, that username will not be available anymore.

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