How to clear Safari cookies on a Mac?

You can clear the cookies on your Mac in Safari if you want to get rid of them. Known as web cookies or browser cookies, these cookies remember website configurations, log-in details, search history, and products added to your shopping cart and other browsing data, all for the practical purpose of storing your preferences so you can have a personalized browsing experience.

But cookies can also be used to track and identify you, they are the reason some online ads look eerily specific to you, based on past web history, and these cookies are known as third-party cookies, so if you don't want them on your device Mac, there are some simple steps that we provide for you.

  • Open Safari and in the drop-down menu bar, click on Preferences.

  • In the Preferences menu, click on the Privacy tab.

  • To prevent third-party trackers from using cookies to track you, click on the Prevent cross-site tracking box.

  • To clear cookies, tap Manage Site Data, and in the pop-up, tap Remove all, alternatively, you can choose specific websites and tap Remove.

  • To block and clear all cookies, click on the Block all cookies box, and in the pop-up that appears, confirm your choice by clicking Block all.

Also, for a quick way to clear cookies in Safari, tap History from the menu bar, and from there, select Clear History, where you can select the time frame for which you want to clear cookies from Safari.

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