How to completely delete the iCloud account from Apple devices?

The iCloud account represents the heart and essence of the Apple devices that you use, and it enables the company to identify you, customize and prepare services for you, and you can think of it as your personal identity card, where you can activate many security options through the device associated with your iCloud account So when you decide to get rid of one of your old Apple devices, you need to permanently delete your iCloud account from that device.

This is so that no one else can access your iCloud account and use it to steal your data or spy. You can remove the account from any Apple device you own by following these steps...

  • If you own an iPad or iPhone, you should head to the Settings menu.

  • After that, click on your account name and then choose Sign Out.

  • This method causes you to sign out of any watch connected to your phone as well.

  • And if you're on a Mac, you'll head to your Apple account settings.

  • After that, click on account preview and then log out of the account.

  • In the case of Apple TV, you need to go to TV settings, then accounts, then iCloud, and sign out.

  • The system asks you what data you would like to upload and keep if you log out of the account.

  • If you request that your data not be uploaded, that data remains stored in your account and any other device you use.

  • However, iCloud KeyChain is the only exception to this feature, as you must own at least two Apple devices to be able to use it.

  • So if you only use one Apple device, the copy of the passwords stored there will still be there on the phone or device you're using.

  • Apple associates many of the services it offers for its devices with your iCloud account.

  • Therefore, you should review the full list of services before deleting the account.

  • And if you re-enter the iCloud account again on the same device, the system will ask you if you want to retrieve the data stored on it or combine the data on the phone with the account.


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