How to control ransomware and how to protect yourself from it?


The ransom virus is considered one of the most dangerous viruses that attack corporate computers and servers, and this is because it accesses important and confidential company files. We have seen a lot of ransomware infections recently like the attack on one of Apple and many other companies.

According to security company reports, the number of ransomware attacks has doubled in 2020. Therefore, companies are taking heed and trying to protect their important files from ransomware attacks. But if you contract the virus, how can you recover from this infection and control it?

Isolate and shut down infected devices

This is the most important step in controlling a ransomware infection because you prevent the infection from spreading to the rest of the company's devices. The infection may be small or in some non-vital devices, so these devices must be disconnected from the network and prevent the infection from spreading. You can disconnect the device from the network or turn it off completely, and this should be done as soon as the first infection appears.

Use the company's backup plan

Every company should have a backup plan in case of virus infection and leakage of important and sensitive company data. This plan includes the method of recovering important data and containing and controlling the leak process, so as not to respond to the demands of hackers. This plan also includes all the departments in the company according to their importance, and each department has its own plan and a way to control the leakage.

Notify the relevant authorities

Companies may not want to report the attack to the appropriate authorities, but this is the first step in protecting the company and its investors. And you should tell investors if the leak is too large to be handled internally because some laws criminalize concealing such attacks.

The authorities also have tools and methods to deal with such operations in a way that they cannot do on their own.

Restore backups

If the company's operating systems are affected by this attack, you must restore them to work in order to reduce losses, as you cannot wait for the warning period to expire. Also, isolating infected devices can help you reduce the amount of data you need to recover.

Updating systems and overcoming vulnerabilities

After you have dealt with this attack, you must determine the source of the infection, and how your devices were infected. Then you begin to address the causes of the breach by investing in better security solutions or educating your workers about cyber risks. You can use a digital security company to protect your devices or upgrade your security system.

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