How to control your Facebook friends list without them knowing?

Facebook users may feel “annoyed” by some friends’ posts, and to act on this, they are forced to prevent them from appearing in the timeline of their own pages, either by using the removal of friends, or Ban, but how to implement this and bring them back to the friend's list again without their knowledge? This report presents how to delete a friend from Facebook without them knowing, how to block a person, unblock via Facebook Web, and unblock via the Facebook smartphone app.

How to delete a friend from Facebook without them knowing?

The ban: Facebook users can block someone from their friend's list on Facebook without them knowing, as all means of communication with them are cut off, and their posts will not appear on their public pages. And if they ever want to unblock him, they can do so easily and without alerting him, as this will re-add him to the friend's list, as before.

Unfollow: In the event that you do not want to cut off all means of communication, instead of being blocked, you can unfollow or mute his page notifications, thus blocking the visibility of his posts on the Facebook page timeline without alerting him.

How to block someone on Facebook?

The user logs into their personal account via Facebook, and selects the person they want to block, either by searching for their name in the friend's list or on the Facebook home page, then clicking on the three horizontal dots near the top right of the profile page, and clicking on “Block” Block and 'Confirm', then 'OK', so it will be blocked.

Cancel ban: The instructions for unblocking someone on Facebook Web are different from the Facebook smartphone app:

Unblocking via Facebook Web
  • Clicking in the upper right corner of the home page, on “Settings & Privacy”, then clicking on “Settings”.

  • After that, click “Blocking” in the column on the left side of the screen, where the page of people who have been blocked will appear.

  • And if the user wants to re-friend someone, they can click “Unblock” next to their name.

Unblocking the Facebook Smartphone App
  • Open the application and click on the three stacked lines in the lower right corner, then click on “Settings & Privacy”, then “Settings”, then click on “Blocking”.

  • The user will see a full list of everyone who has blocked them, where he can click on “Unblock” next to any person’s name and bring them back to his friend list again.

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