How to get a free upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11?

Windows 11
Windows 11

Microsoft has taken a significant step towards the release of the operating system Windows 11. Last night, the final version of Windows 11 was released to test participants, and this is the last step before the final release of the new OS to users.

After testing Windows 11 as part of the Dev Channel (Fast ring) and Beta Channel (Slow ring), now Windows 11 is finally available as part of the Release Preview channel, where the most stable pre-release versions of the OS are usually released.

Microsoft has already announced that Windows 11 will be released to users on October 5, 2021. If you don't want to wait almost two more weeks, you can get a free update to Windows 11 now by switching to Release Preview in Windows 10. The company has finally opened this opportunity.

The procedure for migrating from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is as follows:

  • Check if your computer is compatible with Windows 11 using Microsoft PC Health ( download ).

  • Register as a member of the Windows Insider Testing Program.

  • On Windows 10, go to Settings> Update & Security> Windows Insider Program.

  • Click the "Start" button and connect the Microsoft account that was used to register in the Windows Insider program.

  • In the settings of the Windows Insider program, select Release Preview.

  • Confirm and accept Microsoft's terms and conditions, and restart your computer.

  • Go back to Settings> Update & Security - a banner with an upgrade to Windows 11 should appear.

  • Select "Download and Install" and follow the instructions.

After installing Windows 11, in the Windows Update settings (Windows Update), select the option "Stop receiving preview assemblies" to stay with the final version of the OS.

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