How to get a new website through a mobile application?

The Universe Website Builder application for iPhone is among the most prominent applications through which a website can be created, and through which anyone can get a new website for himself and use it in business.

To take advantage of this, the aforementioned application must be downloaded from the Apple App Store via the phone, and then enter the application, and then the application will ask to choose the name of the site and specify its type or purpose for which I do not know, and then suggests to the user several options, shapes, and designs for the site.

After completing the mentioned options, the user will see the general shape of his new site, and options to make modifications to its shape or design, and then the application will display the option to show the site on the Internet to start benefiting from it.

What is unique about the Universe application is also that it does not need previous experience in programming or electronic design to make the site, in addition to that it the creator of the site can also configure an email for his site and an electronic store for online purchases.

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