How to improve the performance of the face print with the muzzle in the iPhone?

After the iPhone introduced the function of unlocking the lock using the face ID feature, even when the user wears a mask or a respirator, users are facing a problem using the face print with the muzzle, and this is because the sensor does not read the muzzle well.

So Apple released an update to use the watch instead of the face print. But what if you don't own an Apple Watch? This is what we present to you in our article. Using the face print with the mask without the need for the watch:

This method does not work 100% in all cases, but it is better than using the security code every time with the mask. This method works through a simple idea, where you enter your face print in the phone while you are wearing half the mask.

And then you use the alternate look in your face print while you put on the second half of the mask. This means that you switch half of the mask on your face.

Apple provides the Alternate Appearance feature as a way to insert a second face into the face print base and it has other uses.

You can follow the following steps to use the face print with the mask:

  • Head to the settings menu, then face print and password, then choose to reconfigure the face print at first, and then put the mask on only half of your face as you can see in the picture.

  • Then complete the Face ID setup as the phone tells you to.

  • Then go back to the settings menu but choose the alternate look, then set it up with half the mask on the other half of your face.

  • The phone may tell you that your face is not clear, move the mask a little bit until the fingerprint works well.

  • The face print should now work fine with the mask, but you can add your face while you're fully masked in the alternate look.

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