How to install Firefox on a Chromebook?


ChromeOS has grown into a very capable operating system over time with the added support of Linux and Android, giving Chromebooks huge potential for both casual users and developers alike. Therefore, if you are a web developer owning a Chromebook and looking to install additional web browsers like Firefox or simply want to use Firefox as a web browser on your Chromebook, here are the steps you will need to follow.

But you should note that there are two options to install Firefox on your Chromebook. If you are looking for a full PC-like Firefox experience, go the Linux route, but if you just need another web browser, you can install the Android version. Either way, installing Firefox is a good idea. Simple task on Chromebook.

How to install Linux Firefox version on Chromebook

  • Enable Linux on Chromebook

Head to Settings -> Search Linux in the sidebar -> Click Run -> Follow the on-screen instructions. Give the container a name and also allocate the amount of storage space for Linux. Once done, hit the install button and wait for your Chromebook to finish installing Linux.

  • Install Flatpak

After installing Linux, the Terminal will open. Type "flatpak - - version" and if it shows a version, Flatpak will be installed on your Chromebook. If not, type "sudo apt install flatpak" on the terminal.

  • Now, install Firefox

Type flatpak Install Firefox on the device to install Firefox on Chromebook.

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