How to know if your cell phone has been hacked and they are spying on you

Computer security problems occur on both Android and Apple. What are the signals that the mobile device gives and what to do in case of hacking?

Although many users believe that they are protected and far from being victims of hacks, computer insecurity is much more common than it is believed. Living connected to the internet through our electronic devices can have consequences.

What are internet spies looking for? Those who are dedicated to hacking mobile devices do so motivated by economic (buying and selling data), political or sentimental interests.

How to detect that my cell phone was hacked?

There are certain signs that indicate that the mobile device has been the victim of a hack and that all movements made on it are being spied on.


If a spy has entered your cell phone or notebook and is logically using it remotely, your devices will work slower. It is advisable to check if the processor is being used more than normal, if so, it is a sign that someone has entered your system.

Applications close on their own

If the applications on your device close on their own, it is not a good sign. Although it may be for various reasons inherent to the operation of the computer, spying is one of the causes why apps are suddenly closed.

Battery drains fast

The batteries deteriorate and last less time each time, if that happens with your cell phone it may be an indication that they are spying on you.

Now, if one day it works badly, the next day it does not present problems and then it works badly again, it is best to take it to technical service.

Strange logins

It is true that many people ignore notifications or security emails, but in some cases they warn that the start of one of your accounts in a surprising way could be due to espionage.


If you see that your phone makes strange noises when you make a call or that communications are not working as they should, it is a bad signal. As in the previous cases, this can be for many reasons and not only because of a hacker, but it is advisable to take him to a specialist for review.

Mobile data is consumed faster

Before suspecting a possible hack, you should check that there is no background application consuming mobile data. But pay attention if consumption increased surprisingly from one day to the next.

Tips to avoid hacks

There are certain recommendations that, according to La Vanguardia, we must take into account to avoid being victims of espionage through our cell phones.

Downloading a mobile app may require you to grant yourself various permissions, this includes the ability to read the files on the device, access the camera, or listen to the microphone. There are legitimate uses for these capabilities, but they are potentially open to abuse.

Mainly for Android users, as Google's app verification process is not as strict as Apple's.

Android also allows you to install applications from third-party sources, known as APKs. These allow, for example, services such as the AppStore for iPhones to function. Therefore, it is not recommended to download mobile apps that are not supported by Google or Apple.

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