How to make a car an attractive used car to sell well


If you neglect your car for months and years, it will be difficult to save it an hour before the sale. But if you look after a few important things and create a normal ad without fairy tales, your car will be attractive and you will sell it well.

Some of us keep saying that this is our last car, which will be enough for the rest of our lives. But in time we will still find that we want something better, stronger, more spacious, more comfortable. And most importantly more modern. So what to do (and what not to do) to sell the car well?

Keeping the car in good condition is a long-term process, and if you do not pay attention to it, do not keep it and cough it up for service, it will be visible on the car and any interested party will certainly know it.

Maintain a service history

Just because you bought a car without a service history doesn't mean you can't start building and maintaining it. Even if you do routine maintenance on your car yourself, always write it down and set it up. Perhaps one of the boards will still fit in your drawer.

In particular, keep records of major repairs and important items, such as changing wiring, changing the oil in the automatic transmission, adjusting the geometry, and so on. Keep service invoices, receipts. It will come in handy when you sell the car.

There is nothing worse than a car that has one pen, one stamp, and one typeface randomly deleted service, but not a single accounting document. This then looks about as credible as e-mails offering 25,000 euros with just one click.

Use either original or at least primary production parts

It will make a very good impression when there are quality parts on the car that belong there. The original brakes or intake filter indicate that the former owner did not save where he could. Moreover, nowadays e-shops are not such a problem to get quality parts with only a small surcharge against the cheapest universal shunt from who knows where.

We do not want to name specific brands, but some parts are really insufficient in quality and do not last long on the car (moreover, they often do not even fulfill their function properly, for example in terms of brakes or chassis parts, tires). The cheapest parts of dubious brands and quality usually only serve to make it look like the car is taken care of, but the attentive eye of the mechanic will recognize these shunts.

Eliminate obvious defects

A car that is beaten by dual masses, the wheels vibrate, idle fluctuates or the instrument panel does not light up for a reasonable price and you will not sell easily. Each buyer will immediately find out how much it will cost to repair such problems and this will be reflected in the negotiation of the price of the car. Clear obvious defects that affect the operation of the car. It does not seem credible if you write TOP CONDITION with ten exclamation marks in the advertisement and then the car knocks like an expensive dog while driving, its engine jerks after adding gas and kicks twisted brake discs.

Every legal buyer of a used car is reconciled to the fact that he will have to make some initial investment in the car. However, if you prove (for example by an invoice from the service) that the car has recently undergone a major service and, for example, the replacement of wiring and other things, it is a welcome bonus and your car will be more attractive. New brakes and tires will never return to you, but you will sell your car quickly, rather than offering it on a compact, dark, compact tire and frayed rims from China.

Do not start tuning

Above all, do not make individual adjustments, because the result will not correspond to everyone's taste and thus considerably reduce the circle of potential people interested in your car. Try to keep the car in series. In addition, some adjustments may seem highly suspicious. Did you put another bumper and lights in front? And why? Because you crashed the car, even though you claim it wasn't demolished? So the potential candidate can easily ask.

Likewise, there may be suspicious interior modifications? Do you change seats, steering wheel, and gear lever? Because they were as scuffed as they were after half a million kilometers? Or that airbags popped out of the seats? If so, keep at least the original parts, which applies to the original wheels.

But also avoid technical interventions. The popular chip tuning is not understood by many people and they will not want a modified car for fear of its service life and engine condition. Likewise, modifications to the chassis and brakes will not be to everyone's taste. Again, if so, at least keep the original parts so that the buyer can see that the reason for the change was not some serious damage, but simply your taste.

Create current photos

There is probably no need to take action shots somewhere on the coast of southern Spain, but take a picture of the second hand so that all the body panels and parts of the interior are visible, or even details such as brakes and tires. Feel free to take photos of the details (corners and bottoms of the bumpers), the admitted minor external damage seems believable. You could be inspired by photos that put established bazaars in their ads. The car is usually photographed from all angles under the same light.

However, if possible, give some current, recently taken photos in the advertisement. There is nothing worse than selling a car photographed in the fall last fall. It gives the impression that you haven't sold your baking pan yet, and everyone who came to see it waved at you again and quickly put your feet on your shoulders. If the sale is dragging on, update the photos regularly, so that it at least looks like you took them at the current time of year.

Wash the car

Preparing a car for a photoshoot doesn't have to be extremely thorough, but all you have to do is wash it thoroughly, sweep out the interior and take out the clutter. So you should also present the car to a potential applicant to show that you are not a pig.

The polish may not repair the whistling belt of the accessory drive, but a nice and clean car will always make a better impression. Especially if you put in a little extra work and thoroughly wash (or have washed) all the nooks and crannies. Just be inspired by our recent article on car wash after winter. The condition of the interior and its cleanliness also reveal a lot about your approach to the car.

Don't write in the ad as a fool

Nothing says so much about the seller as the way they create the ad. Is it such a problem to write the sentence I am selling an Octavia 1.9 TDI without seven spelling mistakes and five typos? Write which model and version it is, and most importantly write the true data about the year of manufacture. Entering a true VIN code of the car will not spoil anything, it works believably. In addition, any interested party can check the car immediately.

It is not necessary to list all the equipment in detail, but when placing an advertisement, tick the truthfully offered options. In particular, correctly state the designation of the engine, fuel, gearbox, type of drive, and the like. Do not write in the advertisement fairy tales such as driven only on Sundays to the church by a Swiss pensioner and similar nonsense. Then read it one after the other, so that you don't have mistakes there, and you're done.

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