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How to make a fixed distance in Google Docs?


You can leave a space in Google Docs, called hanging indent, which is unlike a regular line indentation, where only the first line of the paragraph is pushed slightly to the right, and instead, all the lines underneath are pushed to the right. Right, you usually find it on MLA Business Cited pages, in references, and sometimes for creating lists within documents.

According to business insider, here's how the hanging indent works in Google Docs:

  • If it is not already visible at the top of the Google Docs document, operate the ruler by clicking on View and then clicking on Show Ruler.

  • Highlight the text you want to add space to. This can be a single paragraph, multiple paragraphs, or the entire document.

  • On the ruler, find the Left Space Control (which looks like a blue triangle facing downward) and the Left Margin Control (which is a small blue rectangle).

  • Click and drag the left space (triangle) to the right, as much as you want to place space for the text, and the common distance is about half an inch.

  • Click and drag the left margin control (rectangle) back to the margin where it started, you are now able to create a hanging indent distance.


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