How to reduce the area of ​​photos in Google Photos without reducing its quality?


The countdown to the new storage policy for Google Photos has begun. On the 1st of June, users will not get unlimited free storage capacity in Google Photos, and Google currently allows users to upload and backup photos in two versions high quality and Original quality.

While the first images are compressed to save space, the second is stored at the same resolution that users clicked. At the present time, Google provides users with unlimited storage space for these high-quality images, while the original images are counted in the user's adult quota. 15GB of free storage space that comes with every Google account.

However, these will be high-quality photos added after June 1, not all those previously stored will be affected by this change, so if you have original quality photos and want to save some space, Google Photos has an option to compress Pictures and videos that have already been backed up to High Quality.

  • Here's a step by step guide to do that:

  • On your computer, go to Settings on the Google Photos website.

  • Click Recover Storage.

  • This will open a popup box detailing how much storage you will save by compressing photos and videos from original to high quality.

  • Click Compress.

Readers should note that this setting will only appear if they have any original quality images, and if they always save the images in high quality, they may not see this option.

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