How to remove advertising in the Google search engine?

When we do a search using the Google search engine, it is common for ads to appear on that page. On many occasions, we enter one of them by mistake, something that for many users is somewhat annoying.

That is why many look for ways to eliminate advertising in the Google search engine. It is not possible to remove all ads, but we can limit their presence.

There are some ads that can be considered unwanted ads and in this case, we have the possibility to block them so that they stop showing when we are doing a search.

The presence of unwanted ads is something that can certainly cloud the experience when it comes to searching on Google. There are ads that are considered as personalized ads, which are based on your search history, that is, if you have visited a website where they sell a certain product, it is most likely that when you are browsing you will see advertising from this website later. Luckily, you can remove these types of ads by following these steps:

  • Go to your Google Account.

  • Enter the Data and privacy section on the left of the screen.

  • Go to Your activity and the places where you were.

  • Look for the Ads Settings option.

  • Click on the Ad Personalization option.

  • Click next to the option that says Add Personalization is ON.

By having these personalized ads disabled, the advertising we see when using the Google search engine is reduced, in addition to ceasing to be based on the web pages we have visited, which is something that many users do not like.

Remove ads

Removing advertising in the Google search engine can be something as simple as clicking on that ad to remove it. As you have surely seen, when an ad is shown there is usually an X in the upper right part of the said ad, which will allow us to remove it. In addition, we are given the possibility to give a reason why we eliminated it (cover content, it is annoying, it is irrelevant ...).

So the best thing we can do if that ad appears is to click on said X and then delete it. Google usually takes this into account, so that this ad will stop showing, in addition, they tend to show less invasive or annoying ads when we are browsing so that our experience will be much better at all times.

Block pop-ups on Google

Pop-up or pop-up windows are a type of ads that are especially annoying. Luckily, there is a way to eliminate this type of advertising in the Google search engine, so that they stop appearing and we can carry out more calm searches, without this type of window being continuously displayed on the screen with ads that do not show us. interest. The steps to do this are:

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer or on your phone

  • Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right

  • Go to Settings

  • Display the Advanced Settings section

  • Enter Privacy and security

  • Go to Website Settings

  • Go to the Pop-up windows and redirects option

  • Block this option to prevent pop-ups from appearing

Ad blockers

One of the simplest and safest options for removing advertisements in the Google search engine is the use of an ad blocker. We have options like AdBlock or AdGuard that we can download in the form of extensions in Chrome. These ad blockers will eliminate the vast majority of the ads that we come across while browsing without us having to do anything to do so.

You just have to go to the extension store in Chrome, look for an ad blocker, and then proceed to download it. In this way, we can block all kinds of advertising that comes out when we are browsing.

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