How to send a WhatsApp message to yourself?

With a simple trick, you can send messages to yourself and create shopping lists or record reminders. How to use WhatsApp as a notebook. Quickly create a note, write down a quote or create shopping lists. This works on the mobile phone with the appropriate app but also with WhatsApp. When you send a message to yourself, you have your own chat for notes in Messenger. This is useful for collecting pictures and videos in WhatsApp in one place and forwarding them to contacts later.

Other messengers have already integrated such a function. At Signal, you can also open a chat with yourself with "Note to me".

Send notes to yourself

In order to create a chat with yourself, you have to set it up in two steps once. It then appears permanently in the app. To set it up, use the internet browser on your smartphone and the "Click-to-Chat" function of WhatsApp.

Enter the address "" together with your mobile phone number in the browser. The number must be given in international format with the country code 91 for India but without hyphens or spaces. An example would be The page then opens.

Click the "Continue to Chat" button. WhatsApp will now open on your mobile phone and you have opened a chat with yourself.

You can then pin the chat in the app so that it always appears at the top of the chat list. To do this, drag the chat to the right with a swiping gesture, then the "lock" field appears.

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