How to stream properly on YouTube and Spotify?


How many of us do not have a favorite artist or group that we constantly seek to support when they release their new musical projects. Previously, buying their records, asking them to play their songs on the radio or television was enough to support them with the success of their music. However, with the invention of streaming platforms, playing your songs on Spotify or YouTube is extremely necessary.

Make stream when an artist releases new music is one of the most important practices as this positions it in the best places of major music charts since the stream the success of its reflected song or music video.

However, achieving a correct stream is not an easy practice, it is not just about playing the song or video over and over again, since each platform works with different algorithms. For this, several artist fanbases have created guides to stream correctly which have worked quite well for them when supporting their idols.

Therefore, we bring you the steps you must follow to stream correctly on the two most important music platforms.

Correct stream on YouTube

  • Open the YouTube platform from any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, computer, or even from your Smart TV.

  • Make sure the " autoplay " option is disabled.

  • Manually search for the title of the video, do not play it if it appears on the main YouTube page.

  • Click on the official video. Verify that it is the correct channel, otherwise, you could be giving "views" to false channels.

  • Make sure the video is of a quality higher than 480p.

  • Watch the video from beginning to end, without pausing it and without speeding it up or down.

  • Later watch about 4 or 5 different videos, either by the same artist or a totally different theme.

  • When you've seen the other videos, go back to step three and start over.

These steps can be repeated as many times as you want, just make sure you do it the right way because skipping any of the steps could cause your "views" not to count. Next, we also give you some recommendations for the correct stream on YouTube.

Once the video has finished you can give it "I like", preferably do not do it before.

If what you are looking for is to give a massive stream to the video, you can play it from different devices at the same time, you just have to make sure that in all of them you follow the steps we gave you previously.

Remember not to spam the comment box, if you want to give your opinion of the video do it every so often. We recommend that you make one comment for every three views.

Share the video on your social networks to help the artist or group to have more diffusion of their new music.

Avoid silencing the video, it is best to play it with a volume greater than 50%. Also, as we mentioned before, avoid fast-forwarding, delaying, pausing, or playing it immediately.

Correct Stream on Spotify

  • Enter the Spotify platform.

  • Add the song you want to stream to a playlist you like or create one. We recommend that this has songs from different artists and genres (they can be from other artists or groups who you also want to support with the stream)

  • You should add the song once more to the playlist after 3 or 4 songs. When you try this Spotify will send you an alert asking if you want to add the song to the playlist again, choose the option "add anyway".

  • Turn off random or loop playback.

  • Play your playlist.

  • Another way to stream can be to manually search for the song name and play it from beginning to end. If you choose this option, it is best to do it every so often and not continuously.

Some of the extra recommendations that you can follow are:

Don't go forward, backward, pause, or repeat the song. Listen to it from beginning to end.

As on YouTube, the volume of the song must be greater than 50%.

Avoid repeating the song several times in a row, as this will not count as part of the stream.

In the case of Spotify, you can only use one device per account to stream.

For those who have Premium accounts, they can do these steps without an internet connection, just try to connect to a network as soon as possible so that the stream is valid.

Now that you know how to stream properly, you can support your favorite artists to top the top music charts.

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