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How to Sync Apple iCloud Photos on Microsoft Windows 11 Devices?

Microsoft has recently updated its Windows Photos application, allowing Windows 11 users to sync photos in iCloud Photos. This means Apple iPhone/iPad users can access all their photos on mobile and Windows devices.

In order to obtain this feature, you need to ensure that the PC is upgraded to the Windows 11 Version 22H2 feature update. Proceed as follows:

  • Users need to visit the Microsoft Store to update the Windows Photos app to the latest version, and then click the "Get iCloud for Windows" button.

If you can't see the iCloud Photos option, please go to the Settings of the Photos app and switch to the Show iCloud Photos switch.

  • Enter your Microsoft account ID and password, click the Get button to download iCloud for Windows. When asked, enter your iCloud account details to link your computer with your Apple ID. Then, click the "Login" button.

  • You will receive a text message with a verification code on your iPhone or other Apple device associated with your iCloud account. Enter the code on your Windows computer and click Continue.

  • In the next iCloud window that appears, select the items you want to sync, check the corresponding options, and click the Apply button when finished.

  1. Switch to the Photos app and see if it is downloading all your iCloud photos. Once the download is complete, you should be able to see all the photos on your iPhone on your Windows PC as well.

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