How to use the Live Text feature in iOS 15?

Apple launched the public beta version of the iOS 15 update, which brings a set of new features, and the Live Text feature is one of the new features that allow the user to withdraw texts, email addresses, or phone numbers from photos.

The Live Text feature that was introduced in the iOS 15 update works with printed or handwritten text, and the feature also supports a range of languages ​​including English, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

The Live Text feature is still in the beta stage at the moment, so Apple may add some changes to the feature when the stable version of the iOS 15 update is launched this fall, and in the next lines, we review how to use the Live Text feature.

This feature allows you to copy text from images and drag the text to use in an email, text message, or Notes app. The user can copy the text from the image by clicking on the part of the text in the image, where the user appears a window to select and copy, or drag the text, with a new selection of text from the camera.

Also, when you click on the new selection, the user will appear a mini-window of the camera, through which the text in the image can be accurately selected, and then highlight the text and click insert to drop the text. You can also review the text before participating in the e-mail.

Using the feature in the camera app

This feature can support users of iPhone XS or later versions, as the Live Text feature will be available directly through the camera application in real-time. The feature can be enabled by opening the camera application and then clicking on the live text button that appears in the corner of the viewfinder. The focus will be on the text when pointing to the camera, and then the user will be able to drag or copy the text.

The feature will support the user to point the camera at phone numbers, email addresses or links.

Using the Live Text feature in the photo gallery

The Live Text feature can also support the user in the Photos application, where the user will be allowed to choose the text in one of the images and then perform some actions, and this feature works in the same experience as selecting and copying any texts in the iOS system.

The copying process can be carried out by clicking on the text and then long pressing on the image so that the text will be highlighted in blue light.

Using the feature in the SAFARI browser

You can choose Live Text directly from the image in the Safari browser, and it is possible to drag the text by clicking and long pressing on the image, and then clicking on the Show Text button to highlight the text to be copied and then dragging the text.


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