How virtual reality is changing the current concept of trading?

The home confinement resulting from the spread of the Covid-19 virus has allowed a large number of companies working in the field of virtual reality to conduct new experiments and try to provide different products and services. Part of these experiences and judgments revolved around the field of trading through virtual reality techniques. These platforms have achieved great development over time, as is the case for the fields of virtual reality in general.

The Glimpse Group is one of the leading companies operating in this field. Specifically, technologies that mimic our real world, and they already have a number of smaller companies under their umbrella.

Virtual Reality and Trading

The Glimpse Group's areas of business include health, entertainment, business, and education. And speaking of business, the company is focusing on the field of stock trading through a company it owns known as D6 VR. It was founded by Andy Maggio, a former analyst at Morgan Stanley.

Maggio said, I'm sure virtual reality technology will completely change our world. Although the technology is not currently mature, it is developing very quickly.

A number of companies have tested D6 VR technologies for trading using virtual reality. However, these companies have never considered abandoning the traditional trading method for the time being and turning to this technology exclusively.

However, Glimpse Group is a firm believer in the idea, with the CEO stating, Wall Street is very slow to adapt to new technologies, but this is the future of trading. Speaking of virtual reality trading.

Advantages and disadvantages

Also, trading via this technique will solve a major problem facing traders, which is limitations. As traders can usually only follow a maximum of six screens in the actual trading venues. Through their glasses, they will be able to look at and interact with dozens of screens.

There is no doubt that Glimpse Group is trying to establish its name in this market. However, they are not the first to offer this product. It was previously introduced by FlexTrade, a company that specializes in developing software for virtual reality technologies.

But despite all the advantages, the experience of trading through VR technologies has significant drawbacks. The most prominent of these drawbacks is the headache and dizziness that users of these glasses feel, especially when it comes to an operation that requires focus such as trading.

Andy Mahoney, Managing Director of FlexTrade, stated that entrepreneurs who have tried their technology have been very impressed with it. But he had felt it was an unreliable technology yet.

And the use of VR technologies could really change the future of trading. The main advantages are that the user will be able to interact with multiple platforms and get information from dozens of platforms at the same time.

Traders will be able to see the data more smoothly when it's graphed or formatted right in front of their eyes using glasses. Along with dozens of customization options such as changing colors or sizes, and more. However, the problem of dizziness after using it for long hours remains, but it may disappear with getting used to it.

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