How visual effects were created for the game Returnal?

PlayStation 5 exclusivity Returnal is one of the biggest surprises this year, which offers a captivating plot, and great action and makes very good use of the possibilities of the PlayStation 5 console.

" I applaud the courage of the creators, who chose such a bold combination of genres instead of some safe certainty for their entry into the highest league of blockbusters. The result is a distinctive game that offers a unique gaming experience with a stunning design. Thanks to the authors' many years of experience, it has been sharpened to extraordinary precision, so you won't want to put the driver away. Too bad the storage system, but otherwise this is genuine game nirvana. "

If you would like to look under the cover of the development itself, the authors have prepared a special video and article for you, where they discuss in detail the creation of visual effects, which is really blessed in the game.

Here you can find out that the developers have been working since Resogun on a special technology for particle effects, which is currently nicknamed the Next-Gen Particle System (abbreviated NGP), which uses the graphics card with minimal CPU usage, with the help of the authors. able to achieve truly handsome results.

You can preview the video at this link. You can find the accompanying article here.

The title can be purchased at the Xzone store.

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